Lower Your Energy Use. Save Money. Win-Win.


Bozeman’s blue-ribbon fisheries, cold smoke powder and warm sense of community make our little mountain burg a home. It’s all of those natural amenities that make many folks conscious about how much energy they consume in their homes.

The City of Bozeman and our partners challenge all Bozeman residents to shave off 10% of their energy bill this year. Why? It could potentially save our community $2.6 million dollars in utility costs…that adds up to a lot of Bridger Bowl lift tickets and fly fishing waders.

What’s in it for you? Log your power usage and we’ll handsomely reward the most energy-saving homes. Try one of two $1000 gift cards to assist in further weatherproofing your home.

Take the Energy Smackdown challenge. Your wallet, skis and fly rod will thank you.



Nuts & Bolts:

The what, when, where and how of Bozeman’s Energy Smackdown

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Be Rewarded:

$1000 grand prizes and more!


Smackdown Climate Change

Enter TODAY and take a stand against climate change.



It's Simple. It's Smart. Do Your Part.

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Emerging from the City of Bozeman’s 10% energy reduction goal, the 2013 Bozeman Energy Smackdown is an easy way for Bozeman residents to evaluate their household More...


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